Growing up in Birdlip, for as long as I can remember my family have always kept Chickens in the garden which would wander into the nearby fields regularly. My family then decided to sell the eggs in a little box at the front of the house where local people could buy fresh eggs everyday. More than two decades have past and now we have our own small box outside our home, in Brockworth, where the local community can get fresh eggs daily.

During the pandemic we were furloughed from our jobs in hospitality and wanted something to do to keep us going. Becky found a job, packing eggs for a local farm in Brockworth (just 5 minutes from our home). This is where we found a great supplier who could keep our business going!

The Chickens are Free Range and very well looked after in accordance to freedom food regulations, they have a happy life and are roam upto 70 acres of land with the eggs being excellent quality. The farm is registered under the Lion Code.

In the Future we are hoping to offer a wider range of products, again all sourced locally where possible, that we can deliver to your doorstep. All products are hand picked by us to ensure the highest possible quality.

Our mission as a business, is to have a positive impact on local communities, the environment and ultimately on you, our valued customers.

We hope to keep receiving your support through the upcoming months and you keep enjoying FRESH LOCAL FOOD DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR.

A big THANK YOU from both of us

Julius and Becky